Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Various topics

Well a little bit has happened over the past 2 weeks....well a lot actually. We were on our way to moving back to Ky when all of the sudden it fell through! And I mean all of the sudden! We had planned on the same day of finding out to head up there and look for a place to live. Some how this company offered Kevin the job, sent us relocation information, and even had him take a drug test, and then said "oh the contract fell through" Well why the heck do you hire someone when the contract is not for certain! That was a rough week for me, very stressfull, even was on my hands and knees scrubbing the house to get it ready to sale, not to mention trying to figure out how to do everything before the kids would start school. Well...guess I'm getting over it now, still a little pissed, but hoping it was for the better and Kevin will find something even better!

Kevin also went to New Orleans a few weeks ago. Went with some buddies from work to help clean up. The RedCross provided food and shelter....and as soon as we get pictures developed I will post them on here. He said it was pretty nasty. His boots were covered with mold and he had to wear something over his mouth for protections.

I signed up for a segmant on a new Rachel Ray show that she will be starting. They actually called me about 1 hr after I emailed them my story. It was about someone who is known as a bargain queen....my friend actually sent me the link and said you have to sign up for this. Now normally I'm like well it's not that big a deal anybody can do this.....but since everyone is always telling me to write a book or something on it I'm like what the heck guess I will give it a shot. I was very suprised they called.....she really only asked me simple questions like age, # of children, where I'm from, nothing about my bargaining habits.....She told me this particular show is on the back burner right now and that it was planned for future taping and that she'd email me with the information when the time came. Well here's hoping a get a trip to NewYork! I already have a couple of friends who signed up for other stuff to get calls too...one actually got taped and has already been to NY!!
Well gues I better go...Kroger's has Mrs.Smith pie slices $10 for 10 and I have about 14 $1 off any Mrs.Smith product coupons.......gotta go get that free pie!!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

5 months!!! Please forgive me!

I was suprised by the many of you that asked when I was going to post anything else in my blog. I didn't think that many kept up with it....so it has inspired me to get it going again!
Well the most important thing that has happened in the past 5 months is Mikaela's First Communion! She was beautiful, but I have to say I was not happy during the ceremony. I did not see her once through the whole thing! They did not have specific seating for parents or anything so by time we got there the whole family was way in the back. I did not see her process in or out, and I did not see her take her First Communion :( I plan on letting whoever is in charge next year for Cameron's the problems I encountered.
The kids finished school and start back again August 7.........I'm kind of look'n foward to it :) I'm also just look'n foward to making some money again since I work the AfterSchoolProgram and substitute. I've also been asked by the PTA to be the committee chair for our "Night of Holiday Magic" which will be in December and we will have food and a great Magician. They did the same thing last year and it was so much fun, so I'm look'n foward to being in charge, though a little nervous since I've never done anything like this before.
We are also looking foward to our next Disney World trip in Sept!