Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy New Year!

2007 Wow! I think this will be a great year! Kevin and I celebrated our 10yr anniversary last September. We had planned on taking a trip just the two of us, but we got such a super great deal again at DisneyWorld that we did another family trip. I've posted pictures above. The first one was at The HoopDeDoo Review Dinner Show it was an absolute blast and I'd highly recommend me it to all! The second pic is on the boat taking us over to FortWilderness where the show was. It was a nice boat ride directly from Magic Kingdom :) THe next 2 pics were taken in Epcot :) The picture of STitch is Mikaela's absolute favorite, for some odd reason during our trip she fell in love with him lol WE are hoping to next time go to Universal.......
I also, believe it or not, had my first camping experience. Cameron's boyscout pack camped at a local park for the weekend. It was freezing, I think it was end of October, and got down to about 30 degrees. I surprisingly stayed warm except for my nose.......The made and shot off their own rockets too..he's directly in the middle bending down in the second pic..we had a good time :)

okay gotta run, I'll try and update some more later :)