Friday, July 13, 2007

An Exciting Year!!

Wow! We've had a lot going on this year so far. I am expecting #3 now, a boy, due October 8. We are naming him Tyler :) We are very excited! Especially Mikaela and Cameron!! And I cannot wait to post pics of the room when we are finished. I'm still on the hunt for some plaid blue curtains!!! This pregnancy is so much different then the first 2, uh maybe because I am now officially in my 30's lol I actually think I look and carry this one better than with the other 2, so that is a plus!

We went to SAVANNAH for our family vacation this year.....we've been wanting to go for awhile now since we live so close and have heard great things about it. One thing we always regretted while living in Texas was that we didn't travel the state enough, actually not at all! We lived in Fort Worth, the fartherst we ever traveled to was Dallas! There are still lots of places in Ga I'd like to see, lots of mountains hiking, etc....hopefully we'll get to do......

Savannah unfortunately was not as great as I expected it to be. I feel like I must have missed something since so many raved about it. But maybe having 2 kids and being 5 months pregnant had something to do with that. We had a horrible time trying to find parking and restrooms. And there is so much walking to do we found ourselves getting to our destination only to find them closed for the day :( ALthough we didn't have such a great time, we decided if we ever do go back we will definately be taking a trolly tour!!!! I wouldn't suggest otherwise! I enjoyed Tybee Island the most, seeing Fort Pulaski and the Lighthouse(of course I was unable to go to the top, but Mikaela and Kevin ventured up there) I would love to just stay on Tybee the full time too next time. We ate at Lady and Son's and Uncle Bubba's Oyster House, and they were our top 2 yummiest places!

Other big news, Cameron made his First Communion this past May! He looked so handsome!

We just got back from Ky and had a nice time! We saw fireworks at Panther Creek Park! They were awesome, and I really don't say that about alot of firework shows, I hope to make it an annual tradition!! Robin also thru me a baby shower and did such a great job! Everything was so cute, and we had lots of fun playing the games......

Almost forgot about the kids bday party! It was at Sparkles Roller Rink(I actually won the party, so I had to let them both do there party there heehee) They are getting better every year at skating, but I remember being much better when I was younger, I think kids just don't get outside enough these day!!

And last but not least we are so glad to have family here in Ga with us now!!!!!! It has been wonderful and the kids(although arguing quite a bit heehee) are LOVING having their cousins here!!!!