Monday, August 07, 2006


WOW! I cannot believe I have a chld going in 3rd grade! I love taking these first day of school pictures and comparing them to the others......I was just wondering this morning what grade will they start saying "mom I don't want my picture taken...I'm too old for that......I've been to school for X amount of years...geez!"
Well my week is already getting busy....I'm guessing I've got ASP to work 4 days this week(2:45-6:00) And I've done been asked to help volunteer today in the cafeteria helping out the Kindergarteners. I've got a phone interview survey type thingy Wednesday for a couple of hours.....they are giving me a $20 gift card to Target for my time! Then Friday I have a PTA Chairperson meeting.....I don't remember if I mentioned I'm gonna be the chair for our Night Of Holiday Magic.....this is in December, we have a magician and dinner. It was a lot of fun this year and I'm look'n foward to it again....hoping I won't be too busy putting it together and running it not to enjoy it :)